“Look, please stop redefining my argument.

Racism is an act. I am not the only person who believes this. I am not crazy, or misinformed, that is my assessment of the available information. I do not lack the ability to comprehend your position. We simply do not agree.”

You get that you just said not to redefine your argument and then told us that we are all wrong because of the definition that we agree on, right?

“That is completely dependent on B. And B could be anything, it could be something centered in the black community, the fact that A happens more to black people is not indicative of racism. It is indicative of B affecting black people more.

Something affecting someone disproportionately is not a definitive indicator that their race is the cause. That’s ridiculous. B could come from within just as easily as it could from without.”

Again… YES… and that’s exactly what systemic racism is all about. Once again, this isn’t a redefinition of your argument. The only discrepancy here is that you keep saying we’re wrong because we refuse to acknowledge that you know the terms better than we do.

You keep saying “B could be anything. All that we know is that B affects black people more” and I keep telling you that is literally what the term “systemic racism” means. I honestly don’t know how to make it any clearer than that. You literally keep saying “it’s this other thing that isn’t racism” but you won’t give it a name. I even said “would it help to call it systemic fnordism.” The problem is that you literally discount everything because you disagree with the definition and therefore disrespect the entire field of people who do this for a living.

“My question to you is this. What is your solution to what YOU see as systemic racism. How exactly do you propose we solve that problem? I don’t need to agree with you to have an interest in that point of view. ”

That’s a much more complicated question. For starters it goes to getting an agreed upon discourse so that the discussions can proceed. That’s literally what everyone here is frustrated with you about. But sure lets set it aside. Next what you do is examine what the causes of systemic fnordism are. There are literally volumes written here. But you’d probably hate them because they’re written by cultural theorists and sociologists. But here goes… (in the following comment).