Thank you for writing this. I have a LOT of white conservative family, and most of the time they, if not outright racist, always look into blaming the victim the first chance they get. However, I’ve confronted my cousin about some views, especially the ‘If you just follow the officers orders you won’t get shot’ kind of view. He seemed distraught after me and one of his other friends who was black kept trying to make him see the error in his perspective. And then today I saw that he posted about Castile, feeling sorry for it happening, and saying ‘Rest in Peace’.

So I think you are right. With the proliferation of cameras, the sympathizers of the police in these racial abuse cases are starting to realize that their traditional views HAVE to be challenged in the face of the over whelming evidence. And with Larry Whitmore and Trevor Noah and other media personalities not letting this go, I think we might be on a path for real change.