“The key here is since “black people” are a race and because in the system A happens more, the system is inherently racist…ergo systemic racism.”

That is completely dependent on B. And B could be anything, it could be something centered in the black community, the fact that A happens more to black people is not indicative of racism. It is indicative of B affecting black people more.

Something affecting someone disproportionately is not a definitive indicator that their race is the cause. That’s ridiculous. B could come from within just as easily as it could from without.

“You ARE trying to redefine racism. You want it mean intention. You want it to mean causality. It doesn’t mean those things. It simply means inherent inequality across race. Most of us here agree with that term. ”

No it doesn’t. First of all because there is no “inherent inequality”. I am not inherently less equal because I am brown. Being in the minority, regardless of race is far more relevant in regards to equality than what color we may be.

Second. The fact that “most of you agree” is the whole problem LOL. YOU are the primary cause of what you claim to be against, racism.

Look, please stop redefining my argument.

Racism is an act. I am not the only person who believes this. I am not crazy, or misinformed, that is my assessment of the available information. I do not lack the ability to comprehend your position. We simply do not agree.

You can validate your ideas in any way you like. That’s fine. I am not concerned with rehashing the idea that we don’t agree in regards to what it means to be racist or to be affected by racism.

My question to you is this. What is your solution to what YOU see as systemic racism. How exactly do you propose we solve that problem? I don’t need to agree with you to have an interest in that point of view.

And I know, I know, it isn’t a “point of view”, this is what you study, it is what it is, gotcha. I am not being a wise ass, we have already established your certainty in regards to what you know on the subject. I still don’t agree, so that is neither here nor there.