NO! Again, that is your misconception. I think you said it very well in response to Steve Shaffer on the computer model thread below. We’re not saying “A happens because people are black” we’re saying “A happens to black people more often because of B.” We have continuously told you that you are misunderstanding the point. The key here is since “black people” are a race and because in the system A happens more, the system is inherently racist…ergo systemic racism. I’ve saying numerous times that causality and intention don’t matter in the definition.

You ARE trying to redefine racism. You want it mean intention. You want it to mean causality. It doesn’t mean those things. It simply means inherent inequality across race. Most of us here agree with that term. Most of us want to talk about why B affects A in the above statement.

You’re the only one who keeps saying we can’t get there because racism is defined wrong.