“To me it is an active as opposed to passive event. Black people aren’t more likely to encounter X BECAUSE they are black. X happens to black people more often because of Y.”

YES!!! and that is exactly what systemic racism means. Like literally, it’s a text book definition. I’m not even exaggerating. If I grab a text book it will say almost exactly that.

Like we keep saying you’re arguing against the definition, and using your disagreement with the word to disregard the rest of the theory. The frustrating part is that you then keep going on to restate the theory that you’re arguing against.

“As a side note. Computer models, programs, etc. can only return results based on the data entered. People, to a lesser extent react in much the same way.”

Again… YES. That’s exactly what Steve is saying. That’s exactly the point. The computer model disregarding race would lead to result A. But in reality, it leads to result B where B > A. And it turns out when you program race back into the computer you get result B. As Steve said, people (that is to say social systems) work in the same way. People behave in accordance with the data that is programmed into them. Sociologically that data includes assumptions about race…. and also gender, class, age, religion, political leaning, etc. IN this case we are referring to the race data however.

So since people are a system. And we are referring to the race data that affects how that system behaves. We call that systemic racism.

Again, that’s literally what it means.