All I know is what I’ve seen as the wife of a Federal law enforcement officer: The darker the skin, the more afraid we are. The more afraid we are, the more likely we are to shoot. This goes for whites who are scared of Mexican-Americans, Mexican-Americans who are afraid of Mexicans, and Mexicans who are afraid of Hondos and Guats and ElSals. Go ahead– be shocked. I was. But when you live in a place that breeds ignorance and racism, people will rise to those levels and fulfill every expectation. I’m a bleeding-heart lib with a few scars, so I keep crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, all while loading my Ruger and blithely assuming I won’t have to use it on a human being. I do my yoga and my meditation and strive for mercy for all living creatures and then I remember what it’s like to be afraid for my son. For other peoples’ children. My relationship with humanity–it’s complicated.