No. What I would ask is:

1. Where do the majority of that 2.6 come from?
2. What crimes were they charged with,
3. What is the circumstance by which they died?

Any one of a number of questions that do not involve race, but are still relevant to those statistics. And again, as above I would point out that 2.6x more likely sounds a lot different when you look at the overall likelihood of ANYONE to die in police custody.

I would also point out that black people make up about 12% of the population. That there are just as many poor white people as there are poor black people. I would ask whether or not that 12% is reflected in the amount of rich people, athletes, politicians, entertainers, etc.

But no, any disparity can always be boiled down to “because black”.

Every time you walked down the street with a black man? Every single time? Really? Sorry that is why anecdotes are not relevant. How many times was that? Were you the only white girls walking with a black dude? What neighborhood? What time of day? How common was it to have strangers?

Not saying it wasn’t because your friend was black. Not saying your neighbors weren’t racist. But as I stated above, you are using YOUR conclusion to prove your hypothesis while ignoring the possibility of anything else.

You like stories? Here is a story.

When I went to college, after having been accepted to CMU, Princeton, Northeastern, and Penn State. I was informed that I would not be attending normal pre-college. That I had to go to a special minority only pre-college to make sure I was acclimated to the school.

Not by some evil racists who hated on black folk. No sir, this was by the kindhearted “good” white people, just looking out for my po’ little brown behind.

THAT was racist. That was a program set up by someone who thinks like you and Chris. Who actually does see blacks as different than whites. Who need that little extra bit of help from the benevolent massa.

I didn’t graduate from high school with top grades, or ace most of the AP tests, or nail my SAT’s to be second guessed because I was brown, because people like YOU, think the system is out to get me.

Of course racism exists, just not in the way you want to believe it does. If you can draw on your experience to come to a conclusion, I surely can use mine, and my actual, not inferred experiences with racists to come one as well.