For the most part I’m done with this, I’ve had enough of these arguments to recognize when someone (clearly a Trump supporter based on his opinions about a non-political issue :-/ ) is unwilling to even attempt to try to look at the opposing viewpoints being presented. And honestly I’m sick of attempting to decipher writing that looks like an angry 15 year old’s trolling.

But I will give one final example for you to reflect upon Mike. You keep stating repeatedly that these officers were in the right because they were doing what they were trained to do. We keep trying to point out that that is part of the problem, that the training itself, that the culture of law enforcement itself is dated and needs to be revised. But you keep stating I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m not a cop.

So I’ll finally clue you in to my background and use a relevant example from that. I’m an EMT of nearly a decade and a half serving communities in and around the city of Pittsburgh. Every two years I need to take a new CPR course. Every three years I have to take a certain number of hours of educational courses. New protocols are released at random intervals but in my experience never more than three years since the previous set of protocols. Why this constant change? Because we constantly are evaluating the effectiveness of what we do and adjusting how we do it in order to improve. The CPR I do today is much different than what I was first taught, not just in terms of numbers of compressions or breaths but our very mechanics have altered. We now handle patients requiring restraints in a vastly different fashion. How we respond to or from calls in regards to the use of warning devices has changed. The immobilization of possible spinal injuries has changed. Burn treatments change so frequently I just let a doc tell me how to respond so I know I’m using the most up to date method. And the result of all this constant change is an improvement in the success rate of our treatment, reduction of secondary injuries and infections, reduction of work related accidents, etc. We understand and accept that our industry is not doing everything in the best way possible, we constantly study what’s wrong, why, and how to improve it, and we readily accept the changes necessary to better serve or community the next time.