I don’t know what to say here. If I say “hey, look at these stats that show that black men are 2.6x as likely to die in police custody as white men” you will say “prove that’s because they are black and not because they are violent beastly criminals while white men are tax frauds”, and if I say “why are white people disproportionately wealthy such that they are more likely to be tax frauds? why do white people on average have greater wealth” you will say it’s bootstraps and trying hard and not redlining and employment discrimination. It’s turtles all the way down with you.

And if every time my sister walked through our neighborhood with a black male friend a cop stopped and asked if she was OK but that never once happened when she was walking with a white male friend, well, that’s just an isolated incident and maybe that black friend was sagging his pants, amirite?