That said, it doesn’t need to be. People have opinions. They’re all valid. Even yours. And I will give you credit for “testifying” in what is clearly a hostile forum for your particular view. That’s commendable.

It’s my forum and so anything you say that is counter to me is going to be an uphill battle. Most of these people read me because they are predisposed to find me interesting and thoughtful and entertaining. The chips are stacked against you, and again… good for you for sticking to your guns (no pun intended)

BUT, that said, you are walking into my house… and doing so with a holier than thou attitude. You’re making faulty assumption about the background of the people you are arguing with and you’re making your points poorly against not only me…. someone who is literally paid to be better at this than you, but random other people. The logic you have used is faulty and the rhetoric you’ve used is hypocritical and combative. The placement of your argument as “I am a cop and have the right to criticize everyone, but you don’t know being a cop so you can’t criticize me” immediately undercuts the argument that you are making about cops not being criticizable.

I get that you don’t get that. You even did it again when you pointed out that I was living in some ivory tower AFTER I told you that I’d spent a long time not doing that. I get that you are proud of your career. And I’ve even told you a few things I agree with. BUT you’re really not doing your argument much service by falling into the trap of insulting people and being hypocritical in doing so.