You and Chris keep telling me that I am describing systemic racism, and I will keep telling you that the system is just the system.

Alteration of environment is not dependent on race. If anything the fact that an alteration of environment can mitigate what you deem to be racist, proves that the system is not inherently racist, Ah, but wait. You are saying that because it is present in the system(our society), that means there must be some system wide outcomes that are determined PURELY based on race.

How exactly can you prove that? It appears that you do so by ignoring any other factors that do not support your claim. Or you attribute those things back to your original claim of racism(poor because black, shot because black, underrepresented because black).

Where is the proof that “black” is the source of the disparity?

That is my main point of contention. Your claims that “black” is the root cause of all of these ills.

If that is your belief, if that is what Chris believes then we can leave it at that. We have determined our impasse.

I do not believe that to be the case. You don’t agree. OK, I am fine with that.