What if I can stop my car and not be scared of them coming after me? Or call them to help me when I need it? Or get pulled over and not get shot? Or eat my cookie and explain to the cops the people who called them are assholes?

You are talking about specific instances. All of which can and do happen to anyone. Depends on the cops. Depends on the place. Depends on the circumstance.

Can Mav not call the cops? Is there something that prevents him from doing so? Is he excluded from the cop calling fun? Just because, he is brown?

Again, you and he are implying that the bad “racist” things that happen, are the primary responses in these situations.

For some people, sure, I would buy that. Certain areas are worse than others. Not everyone gets to live in the suburbs or in an integrated neighborhood(I can assure you the cops that come to where I live don’t discriminate against hoodlums).

But you aren’t talking about something that affects some people. You are suggesting that discrimination and racism are a constant, I simply disagree.

Where you live. What you are doing and have done. Who you are around. All of these things influence how things work out in these types of circumstances.

Is is POSSIBLE that I could get pulled over for a traffic violation, end up with a racist cop, reach for my ID and get shot? Of course it is POSSIBLE.

Is it likely? Um, no. Not where I live, not with the people I encounter. Not in the circumstances that I find myself engaged in.

Which is my point. If racism, were as you suggest, systemic, me being black would generally override all of those other factors and I would find myself living a lot different of a life.

And one step further.

Say I move to an urban center. Crime is pretty bad there. Violence is common. And altercations with the police happen daily.

Should I expect the same level of security I felt in the burbs? Feel just as safe and likely to not get shot randomly as I did prior to the move? Again, of course not. I have altered my situation.

So the solution, to what you define as systemic racism, is not a bunch of BLM nonsense. It is not the vilification of police. Or the defense of the black man just because he is black.

The solution is an alteration of the environment. Stronger sense of community. Less tolerance for brutishness. Then the system will adapt, as that is how it really works.