Mike: So I’m combining threads here, because it’s relevant and for some reason you decided to start a bunch of them to say the same thing:

I am not a Hilary supporter. In fact, I’ve made it quite clear for years that I don’t like her at all. And I know for a FACT that Liz isn’t. But you pointing her out specifically calls attention to the hypocrisy in what you are saying. Your stance is that because we are not police officers we have right to question or criticize you as you are one. HOWEVER, you feel as though you DO have the right to question or criticize a presidential candidate even though you have never been one.

Like Liz said, can you honestly look in a mirror and not see the problems with that logic? Because if you can’t and you believe that cops are above criticism from non-cops but politicians are not, then you are a prime example of why people are outraged by the hypocritical lack of police oversight.