I’ve been trying to get myself back into therapy at a place closer to my home because I am not a fan of driving into downtown Cincinnati –for obvious reasons mostly–and it’s a fight. It makes it hard to get anything done because profit has become the biggest issue these companies deal with. But, that’s a whole other conversation that needs to be had. I hate that this situation continues to happen. I hate that people don’t want to be decent human beings and justify a life being taken because he had a criminal record. Before the expungment laws changed in Ohio, I had a record over some nonsense that I should not have been caught up in. Not a lot of people know that. But, I guess all criminals don’t deserve to die. They can do well even if they have made bad decisions in their past. I’m basically a soccer mom now and I have a degree. Do I deserve to die too because of the melanin in my skin and the bad situation I allowed myself to be in like 16 years ago?