There are several things going on here. So let’s address them:

If my wife cheated on me and I feel like I have to be more cautious around her and can’t trust her, then the answer is I shouldn’t fucking be married to her. Either she made a mistake and I can forgive it… or I can’t and so I need to not be with her anymore. Either is completely acceptable. But pre-judging future events based on her past behavior would be a recipe for marital disaster. The reason that I followed this example all the way through is because frankly the same applies to cops. If you can’t not prejudge then maybe you’re not the guy I want walking around with a gun to “protect me”

This gets further complicated by the fact that the Sterling was NOT previously involved with these particular cops. At least not as far as any of us know. So you’re more saying that if my wife cheated on me I should be more cautious of ALL women in the future. And again… NO… if that’s how I felt then that would mean that I have serious issues that need to be dealt with. And again, maybe that’s not the kind of person I want strapped with a gun to “protect me”

As for the final point. No, I’m not a cop. I do know some cops. But no, I won’t even pretend to understand everything the job entails or the pressures inherent within. And as I said before, if you are a cop then my hat is off for you. And thank you for wearing a target so that you get shot in my place. Wonderful. BUT, as I said in comments BELOW, I am literally an expert in cultural expressions of racism (And classism and sexism). This is what I do. So yes, I do understand when something is racist, or in this case that a system is racist.

Again, your response here is that “unless I put on a badge for 20 years I have no right to judge you.” WRONG. I have every right to judge you. And you have every right to judge me. And in fact the cops had every right to judge Sterling. We are humans and judging is in our nature. We have a free country, fundamentally based around discourse between individuals and as a cop that is specifically what you are charged with protecting. And again, thank you.

But I do judge. And I’m damn good at it. No one is above reproach. That’s like saying that I can’t be critical of the president because I haven’t had to deal with being president for 8 years. NO.