Did you even watch either video Mike? He had two grown men pinning him to the ground with pistols aimed at him at point blank range. You don’t get more subdued than that while still conscious. They did not react in a logical and reasonable way to protect their own safety, they acted in an illogical way out of pure fear and executed the man. We as a society should expect better from those whose duty it is to protect us. Maybe that’s being more selective about who becomes a cop, undoubtedly it involves better training and a change in police culture. But our society, and black men in our society especially, deserve better.

And no, your original picture isn’t being misunderstood, and if you believe that you really are missing the point. Actually points. 1) The narrative about what kind of father he was, or if he was a criminal or a “thug” is irrelevant, this type of execution of a subdued suspect is morally wrong, even more so when it happens so overwhelmingly disproportionately to black men. And 2) these kind of pictures are common place along gun enthusiasts of all races and social standing. They’re certainly in poor taste and reflect bad judgement, but that doesn’t necessarily equal the sum total of a father. While he may have made a poor decision in that moment he might still have otherwise been an amazing father. Or not. The point is that that one photo, and even the existence of a criminal record, doesn’t inform us on that subject. Though again I’ll point out, that subject is also irrelevant and a distraction from the real issue at hand.