Mike Land: If you consider Juliette Dalrymple’s image trolling in response to the image that you posted we have serious issues here.

As to your other comments. Yes, I have had to make split second decisions. Obviously you’re new here and haven’t read my blog before. But I talked about it a couple weeks ago.

But that said, it doesn’t matter. As I pointed out in an above comment thread. I am not a count and I don’t want to be. But the answer is, yes… they could have taken out their batons and hit him. Or, and I know you’re going to disagree here, they could have waited til one of them was shot. And yeah, I get that you’ll disagree… but I’m totally fucking ok with that. That’s going to be a disconnect here, and fine… if you want my reasoning, read the other threads.

But think of it this way… lets say it was a “no win” situation (which I don’t actually agree with). Your insinuation by that comment is that the cops should always be expected to win.