Racism is by definition a belief that ones racial makeup makes them inferior. Regardless of expression. Or intent. If you feel that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that is, by definition. Racist.

I don’t mind the word racist. I don’t like when it is misused to describe anything that involves a conflict between two races. THAT is actually racist. By reducing the conflict to one of racial difference, the person doing so has dehumanized one side or another.

Is hiring only white guys racist? What if all of the black guys suck at whatever job you are offering? What if they are all great and the white guys suck but you can’t afford their salaries because they are so good? Is that racist?

In both examples there are factors other than race that influence the decision. The problem that I have is a tendency to ignore those factors and reduce the situation down to one of race. Again, THAT is in fact being racist, as one would be using race to determine worth.

Global warming is specific. Climate change accounts for a wide variety of factors. So while the earth may well be warming, that is not the ONLY affect of our influence on this planet. Just like race may not be the ONLY factor involved in a particular situation. Reducing things down to global warming/racist cause black, is oversimplification that does not get to the heart of either issue.