It is convenient that you can create a system that exists purely to prove your point. It is my biggest issue with your field of expertise and study.

Our social system is not static. It does not exist solely as a product of history or even of current events. It ebbs and flows based on the will and ideas of the people.

I have stated many times that the manipulation of the system, through media, propaganda, etc. Limits the ability to predict and or explain societal reactions. The vast majority of people are influenced by what they are told is true, not by actual truth.

You are suggesting that racism pops into being based on how people react. How they are raised. What they see on TV, in the movies etc. Which is possible. But it is not static. The same institutions that can create discrepancies can and do even things out. The fact that people, ill informed or not, can get behind BLM, or feminism, etc. is proof that the system is fluid.

So what I believe is that while these things(racism, sexism, bigotry, etc.) do in fact exist WITHIN the system. They do not define it.

It is this fluidity that discredits the idea of “systemic” anything as there is nothing inherent to our social system that stops the flow from one side to another. Left to right, man to woman, black to white.

If you have proof to the contrary, by all means, I am listening.