Vic: And that’s because you don’t like the word racist as it is applied in common discourse, even when you agree with the details (as you did in the thread above). But again, just because you don’t like calling it racist. That doesn’t mean it is.

For clarity and full disclosure, Tim will agree that I’ve had exactly this argument with him in regards to a claim that he made (well a meme he reposted made) that racism requires: Privilege, Prejudice and Power and I claimed that it doesn’t. Those out of power can certainly be just as racist as those in power, particularly in a culture defined by systemic racism. It’s just that without the power to exercise your racism for effect, no one much cares. But the actions of the privileged and the underprivileged in causal response to a racially constructed system are STILL racism. Intent is completely irrelevant. As is negligence.

It’s like saying global warming doesn’t exist because you want to call it climate change. Call it what you will, it the globe is getting warmer… THAT’S GLOBAL WARMING.