Because again, you don’t understand what “systemic” means. This is not an implication that the “legal system” or the government is on a witch hunt for black people. It’s a reference to a social system. Specifically, we live in a social system wherein because of historic (Whoevers fault they may be is actually irrelevant) there is an inherent mistrust and social inequality that occurs and through it’s very existence perpetuates the social system.

Even ignoring the fact that blacks are both killed more often tan police and incarcerated disproportionately with their representation in the general populace… even ignoring the fact that courts general punish them more harshly than white convicts… even assuming that black people actually are more likely to commit violent crimes (something which it turns out is statistically false, which is why the above things that we are ignoring are particularly troubling), the continued existence of the impression by the populace that there is a problem is evidence of the social problem existing.

We aren’t talking laws here (well not just laws) we are talking culture. To use your specific examples, and take them as gospel… if a world exists where one race is more likely to be impoverished than another or where one race is innately mistrustful of the authoritative establishment than the other or where one race has a cultural response to behave in a certain “inappropriate manner” through upbringing (what you called being raised to be hard). ANY of those things would be a sociological system… and a racist sociological system at that. We call that a system that meets those criteria “systemic racism” (because that’s a descriptive name).

In this case, ALL of those things are true. As well as several others. THAT is systemic. That’s what it means. Fault is irrelevant in determining it. Directionality is irrelevant in determining it. YOU are describing a system and then for reasons that none of us understand are saying “but that’s not a system”