Again. 40% of what? 40% sounds like a lot, doesn’t it. 3 in 5 sounds like a lot, oh my goodness.

Right up until you realize that 6% is equivalent to about 17 MILLION and that 40% equals about 400.

So as one of the 17 MILLION. My chances of being one of the 400, are EXTREMELY slim, regardless of their portion of the 1000 or so deaths at the hands of police. That does not imply a systemic problem. Especially when you factor in the circumstances of the encounters and the areas in which they occur.

How many of these cases like Alton Sterling have made national news in the past 8 years? 10? Let’s assume there are 10 times that where the cops are completely wrong and 100 people get murdered by the police and it is because the police in those cases are racist.

There are about 1 million cops in the US. Give or take. And lets go even further and say all 40% of the black people killed were killed by racists assholes.

So lets say 800 cops were involved. 2 per incident.

800 out of 1 million. Systemic? Part of a system that keeps blacks down through media, social engineering and intimidation?