What is the system of racism then? My argument is that these instances are localized and not tolerated or perpetuated by the whole. Systemic implies a mechanism specifically designed to oppress one group because of their skin color. By all means, present an example of that system.

There are about 37 million black people in this country. The police kill about 1000 people in a year on average. About 400 of those killed by police are black. How exactly is that indicative of systemic racism?

This man was murdered. Does his race matter? If so, why? He was a human being, his life was ended. The perpetrators are known. The evidence points to murder. Would you care less if it were the same video and he was white? Now that would be racist, but it would still be centered on your perception and not indicative of systemic racism against whites.

You say that both sides are creating this “system”. Yet somehow the vast majority of people seem to not be affected by that system. A poor white person has the same lack of opportunity as a poor black person. Just as a rich black person has the same chance of success as a affluent white. Examples of both abound.