No, Tim Bruhn is not an expert. I don’t think he’d even claim to be. He is a concerned citizen who is often interested in this sort of thing (be it from curiosity, social conscience, or a desire for self preservation).

Sometimes I agree with him and he’ll be the first person to tell you that sometimes I do not. That said, he is welcome to his opinion and to post it here, just as you are. And I respect both of your rights to express them. I’ll even give you credit, you do a much better job of expressing them than some others, for instance, Mike Land who I replied to earlier.

That said, I *am* an expert. As is AJ Ortega. This is literally what we do for a living. I appreciate that you don’t like the words. I appreciate that you disagree. But understand that it’s not like we make this shit up. And maybe, just maybe spending a bajillion dollars and years learning about this stuff (on top of the lived experience we AND YOU may have) maybe amounts to an understanding at the very least of “what the words mean.”