Vic: The problem is that you don’t understand what “systemic” means. I don’t mean that as an insult. This has come up before. You literally don’t. You say that it’s a myth but then go on to describe, in detail, an instance of systemic racism.

I’m not saying that there is some grand conspiracy by the Illuminati Organization of Police. I’m saying that there is a system, culturally constructed (you used the word fabricated, which is wrong, but that doesn’t really matter) by social history that has caused an environment where incidents like this occur at a greater rate than probability chance would dictate.

Your essential argument here is “this is not systemic racism. It’s some other horrible thing that doesn’t have a name, because I don’t like the words ‘systemic racism’.” Your argument is wrong because you don’t understand what the sociological definition of the word is.

Literally everything you are saying is evidence of the construction of systemic racism. It doesn’t matter that he has five kids. You don’t care what his criminal record is. It doesn’t matter if he was carrying a gun. No one deserves to be executed at point blank range when he was already subdued with two guns to his chest… etc. I agree with all of that.

But your mental block against using the words that are used to refer to that situation is … well… just weird. And your most recent comment mostly points to it. You’re not even denying racism. You deny the word “system” which implies that… well, you don’t know how social systems work.

As an aside. I’ve been meaning to do a post for quite a while that I haven’t gotten to about the current popular dialogue of “minorities can’t be racist and women can’t be sexist because of a lack of power.” This is false. It’s not so much that one side of the argument or the other constructed (or what you call fabricated) systemic racism. It doesn’t work like that. The issue is that systemic racism is a SYSTEM wherein both sides behave in relation to the system that was constructed through historic happenings. “Teaching men to be hard and represent” is as much a part of that system as shooting people at point blank range or paying lower wages. That’s what systemic means. Literally your response and the words you use to deny it is proof of the systems existence.