I didn’t deny the existence of racism. That would be silly as most of what Chris posted is an example of the true racist attitudes in this country.

What I said was that there was no system in this country that perpetuates racism against a particular group.

What a lot of people deem as being “racist” is not equivalent to the actual systematic oppression of a particular group based on the color of their skin.

Making the murder of this man a race issue, is in and of itself racist as it implies his murder should be viewed differently because he is black.

The motivations of the police involved in this instance, are specific to the police officers involved in this instance.

So again, while racism does exist, that does not imply that the overall system is inherently racist.

A lot of factors are involved in cases such as this, not the least of which being the criminality of the victims.

No, that does not justify murder, but it does factor into the circumstances by which they came to be murdered.

None of which changes the facts in regards to the primary cause of death for black men in this country. Other black men.