Mike again, your point is kind of orthogonal and goes to the very definition of systemic racism. Or if you want to ignore the racism part, poor oversight on police. Prior acts have nothing to do the current situation. What you’re arguing is “probably” or “not a stretch” as you said in the previous comment. The legal system of the United States is (for good reason) not based on “probablies”. It is based on “beyond a reasonable doubt” and what you’re talking about does not go to that.

Let’s look at the rap sheet you posted. His last gun violation was seven years ago. His last violent crime arrest was ten years ago. Even assuming the cops knew his priors, what does that have to do with him being shot multiple times in the chest at point blank range on multiple video tapes.

I’ll grant you that the cops may be “legally” justified here. I’m going to even grant you that the cops thought he might be going for a gun. I’m going to go so far as to grant you that they honestly feared for their lives despite having two officers mount him with pistols pointed to his chest. I’m going to grant you that BOTH officers “lost their cameras” which are specifically designed to provide evidence int these occasions in the scuffle.

There are somewhere between 900-1300 shootings by police every year in this country. They’re actually really poorly reported, so I’m going to lowball it and go with 1000, because that makes the math really easy. That means roughly 11,000 people have been shot by the police in the last 11 years. I’m going to grant you that MOST of these were shootings of bad people by good people trying to protect us. But in that time exactly 54 police were charged. 0.4%. Of those exactly 13 were convicted. That means that of ALL the police shootings in this country, 0.1% were ruled to be unjustified.

That is the problem. Even the margin of error should be higher than that.

In the face of this video, your response isn’t outrage… or even “wow, this is a shame that there are some trigger happy cops out there, thank god, they aren’t all like that.” Your immediate response is “wait, lets dig up dirt on this guy and see why he deserved to die… because clearly the cops are infallible and must have had a good reason”

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?