Umm… all the NRA father’s that petition for gun rights and teach their children to hunt at age 4. Responsible fathers.

here’s an example for you. I live in a neighborhood with lots of children. They run around and play together. Two summers ago, a bunch of kids were playing and found two loaded pistols that someone had tossed in the bushes. Some kids were excited. ONE of them, an eight year old boy (at the time) white boy took both guns away from the other kids, popped the clips out, checked the safeties and then went directly back to his house to tell his dad and have the cops called. He knew how to do this because his father had been teaching him about gun safety and how to shoot since he was four. That kid probably saved other kids lives.

Was Alton Sterling that guy? No. Hell, Alton Sterling might have been the worst father in the world. None of this anything to do with why he was shot in the chest at point blank range three days ago. There’s no way the cops who shot him were aware of a picture from nine years ago and even if they were, it doesn’t matter.

The idea that it “wasn’t a stretch” and that “he made choices… this one got him killed” in the face of the video I linked to is literally the definition of systemic racism.