Hmm… I actually feel the opposite way. Words come out as they are formed and then evaporate into the ether without editing.

I find that people who are writing tend to at the very least edit as they go, so even if I happen to disagree with their points (as I do with Keith McSlam) they’re generally well formulated and allow me to follow them better… but also I can reread what he said and make sure that I understand the point as he meant it.

Also, the benefit of being me is that, while I’m certainly not a Kardashian or anything like that, I have a good enough social media reach that I get to see comments from people of varying opinions. I don’t know Keith. I’ve never heard of him before now. So if I hadn’t made this post and if you hadn’t commented on it and if he hadn’t seen fit to respond then he and I would have never been aware of each other and seen each other’s viewpoints. And even if we disagree, the exposure to each other is a net good.