I actually reached out to a cop friend of mine with the first video, who said it looked sketchy – the second video proves it. I’m going to guess you also missed the part where the owner of the store a) told the cops they had the wrong guy; b) had his surveillance video confiscated; and c) took video from another angle exonerating Sterling.

You know, I actually think it’s ironic that BLM kicked off from Mike Brown – that guy, I think the record showed, created a situation that it was hard for the cop to find another way out of. But what you’re talking about here? It doesn’t matter. This guy could’ve been a serial killer, and all that would’ve been relevant were the facts on scene: he wasn’t reaching for a gun, and an eyewitness told the officers they had the wrong guy.

Think it’s OK if I tell you to STFU yet? Does that contribute to the conversation at all?