The problem is not “systemic racism”. That is a myth. There is no system in this country other than the one fabricated by those who benefit from racial discord.

And by pushing the “blacks are being hunted” narrative, you are doing nothing more than contributing to the problem.

Black culture has been breeding criminals for 60 years. Teaching men to be “hard” and to “represent”. Black culture has been sewing the seeds of mistrust between the black COMMUNITY and those around them. And it is black culture that is directly responsible for the state of racism in this country in 2016.

Everyone mentioned above was either a criminal or an arrogant self entitled idiot who did shit that none of the people who will blow smoke up your ass because of this post would do.

I don’t care what this guy was doing. I don’t care what his criminal record was. In THIS case, none of that matters.

They had him on the ground. A gun was 6 inches from his face. So unless a video comes out with him definitively, as in there is not one shred of fucking doubt about his intent, pulling a pistol from his pocket, there is no justification for his murder. And that is that.

Doesn’t matter that he was a black man. That everyone says how kind and gentle a long time multiple felon was, who also happened to be carrying a gun “just selling CD’s”. Doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter that he had 5 kids and was supporting them by hustling on the street. Doesn’t matter one bit.

Man, on ground, gun, in face. Gets shot more than once. He could not possibly have been an imminent threat. Pulls a gun from his pocket(which I seriously doubt), step on his fucking head. Or hand, or any number of body parts. No fucking way this guy needed to be shot on his back, most likely in the face. But that don’t make him a hero, and it sure as fuck doesn’t make America a racist country.