Keith McSlam I think you missed what I meant. I always feel when families lose children. After seeing what it did to my folks, especially more so. To have to bury a child, a brother, friend, it is an extremely difficult thing no matter the circumstances.

As for the ‘group’, it was less referring to an officer and more referring to something far more insidious (more in the administration), and I even said it was only a sick part of me aka, my creative side running wild to try and have an explanation.

And finally, I do not think that all police are like this, I know better than to blanket any group for individual behavior, but at the same time you have to admit it seems to be showing up a lot, so something is not right. Not sure where or what this occurs from, but something is off. And it does unfortunately hurt those that are doing their job proper… It’s the same feeling I experience when people lump me in with Westboro because I mention my belief in Christ and God.

Again, I know you do you job and are a good guy, but something’s rotten in Denmark, and it just hurts us all, whether families, good cops or those that have to see it play out.