Jason your should know better the first two paragraphs I agree with the last is pure silliness. The men and women of law enforcement put on a uniform, strap on a gun and vest and kiss their wives and families every night, like it will be their last. Then go do a job where you see the worst in people and violence towards you is a common occurrence. We go into the areas that people who life in safe little communities pretend don’t exist except when they see them on the news and TV. We don’t want glory or pity, we just want to stop the evil people of this world from praying on the weak and good. I have fought the good fight for people who would would walk by their own neighbors as they were being robbed or murdered and never help or even report it to the police. I have been stabbed, stabbed with hypo needles, hit with baseball bats, shot at, spit on, run over, and punched. I have arthritis in my knee, four concussions, and a host of other injuries. I don’t tell you this for pity I just want you to think about this before you judge.