So to answer things one at a time:

Yeah, that’s why I specifically pointed out that you didn’t make it. I don’t think Stephanie or William are directing their teasing at you at all. Me and my friends are just all horrible mean spirited people. ?

As to the meat of your interpretation, yes, I’m sure that the intention is is to say that “you don’t need to show skin to keep a man.” But they way the meme is constructed doesn’t really say that so much as slut shame the women who do show skin… And that’s unfair. For one thing, it assumes that “keeping a man” is their primary goal. For another, it implies that “showing skin” is somehow bad or damaging to do…. As though she shouldn’t be able to make that choice for herself.

Now I certainly don’t know Janet, Halle, Kim or J-lo, but I do know a fair number of models who have posed in any number of various levels of sexiness and undress from fully clothed evening gowns to lingerie to nude. To just pull a bunch of names out of my ass for the sake of argument and see how real people might respond… I’m sure Heather, Sarah, Gail, Nirvana, Amanda, Gretchen, April, Lacy, Jennifer, Miaa, Josalynn, Kat, and Brittany (that ought to be enough… At least one of them will probably answer) would all say that “keeping a man” is not really on the list of “why they chose to do it” at all… In fact, my understanding is that it is as likely to cause relationship problems as anything.

They’ll probably say they do it for themselves. And if they’ll likely all also think that insinuating that it’s somehow wrong to do so is slut shaming and not fair to them.

As for the God thing… I have two points here. First, is that the presumption God doesn’t approve of the four divorcees’ relationships is insulting to them if they do consider themselves religious. I know, for instance, Jessica Alba has spoken frequently about feeling completely rejected by the church and falling into depression because she was told by her preacher as a teen that she was inviting unwanted attention by being too provocative and sinning despite the fact that she was a virgin until her 20s. Making someone devout feel as though Jesus doesn’t love them because they’re too sexy is wrong.

And my other issue with it is that the way it is phrased is just…. CREEPY… And yeah, i know that’s probably controversial. Obviously people who read my stuff are predisposed to agree with me, and here a lot of them probably won’t… know lots of people who would say it exactly that way “God is in my marriage” but I find that phrasing creepy. I also would find “my mother is in my marriage” creepy and even “my children are in my marriage”. Approve of? Sure. Bless? Sure. Affect? Absolutely. In? CREEPY!