Ok dear cousin, I can definitely say we both interpreted this very differently but hey, it’s a meme, not a fact, so individual interpretation is expected. (And like he said, it’s not my meme so sorry for the spelling) Now here is my take on it. First, I didn’t look at the size of the women at all. I guess because for me, size never mattered because whether I was a curvaceous 120lb woman or a plus size woman. I am still the same woman! What I took away from this was the fact that you don’t have to go and show your @$$ in order to get or keep a man. I wanted to show that beauty isn’t all it takes. All of these women are exceptionally beautiful and it shows that even they have marriage problems so it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you dress, you may or may not keep a man. And yes, finally, I wanted to show that God changes things. At least for me (thus my interpretation of the meme) God changed things. So yes, making Him part of my marriage made a difference for me. ?