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Harley Sketchcards and Academic Talks

Tomorrow afternoon I’m presenting a paper on Harley Quinn, gender roles and sexy costumes and cosplay at my department’s colloquium (if you happen to be interested and want details to go let me know – learning stuff is fun!!!). It’s actually kind of my dry-run to present the same paper at this year’s PCA/ACA in Seattle in a couple of weeks. This is what I have been tracking and tabulating all of that data on sales of female led comic books for the last few months.

Sometimes when I need to clear my mind I sit down and do some sketches. In this case I figured I might as well do some of Harley that I might use for my title card in my slide presentation. So I did two. I’m kind of curious if people have a preference. One or the other? Both? I’ll actually be addressing both costumes in my talk.

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