A lot of the same thoughts I had. Trying not to suck the joy out of it for my sons.

It is very difficult to make a movie that lets you relive wonder as an adult to the same level you were able to as a kid.

I hated Brussel sprouts as a kid and love them now. But, short of a zombie apocalypse I cannot imagine wanting to eat spaghettios, which were a magical food as a child.

My older son has read so much of the expanded universe to the point he can probably name more Darths than presidents. In a lot of ways I am actually ok with that. Having a sense of wonder and learning by allegory is an important part of growing and better than having to make all your own mistakes. The themes and the passion in good stories and good storytelling is probably the most important part, and this reboot will become that for another generation.

Very good read, thanks.