I didn’t really hate the trailers for this one. They were fine. They got me interested in the movie and that’s their job.

As for how the movie was, it didn’t suck. Like I said in an earlier comment, it was a solid B. Maybe not a B+. But a solid B. I enjoyed it. It was fine.

Can it ever be as good as when I was 3? No… I’m 41 and have like 3 and a half degrees in “stories” basically. I look for different stuff 38 years later. But I do still like genre fiction. I still read comics. But to look at recent movies, I liked antman better than force awakens. But I liked force awakens better than age of ultron. But to take another recent geek movie, the Martian was a definite A+. Much better than any of them.

I’m just saying not all movies HAVE to be high art. It was good. It doesn’t have to be excellent.

I’m the guy who liked Suckerpunch. And that’s a C at best and maybe a D in terms of actual story, but I thoroughly enjoy it.