Just to be clear, I did actually like the movie. Really I did. I liked it fine. I was thoroughly amused for two and a half hours. It wasn’t the best movie ever. It wasn’t even the best science fiction movie of the year. But it was good enough and I was happy while watching it.

I do think Rey feels like a main character. At least to me. Part of that is the acting. Daisy Ridley was really good. in fact, I think the high point of the film was her performance. But I also think that it is clearly her story. She is the one we are following and she is the one we are meant to identify with. YES, I think she’s a little too perfect, but that’s kind of a personal preference. She might have been even more interesting if she struggled. But my point was, being a Mary Sue isn’t really bad. People love Batman.

The Second best part of the film was the writing and direction of Kylo Ren. What could have been hokey and ridiculous turned out to be perfect. Rather than creating a watered down Darth Vader, we got a different kind of villain and I liked that. It could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t.