Her flaws were not on the surface, but she was certainly not perfect. There were two things that bothered me about this movie:

1. The side plot involving the bad guys
2. The short period of time in which everything happened.

Yet as I thought about it, those two things make a lot more sense if you think about it less as a heroes journey and more of an extended teaser for what is to come.

The thing that the prequels lacked was a tangible connection to the originals. This movie was a true transition from old to new. And I think in order for that to happen, there had to be a reason why these people(old and new) were called into action and that reason had to be some sort of ticking clock from the moment the movie started.

That is about all that can be said without going into spoilers. But there is more to this movie than what it was seemingly missing.

And for what I think is to come, Rey was perfect, and the way she was introduced was awesome.