And people wonder why there are those of us who give little credence to the social “sciences”…

I hold no disdain for women, quite the contrary, I see them as 100% equal in regards to men. Thus if you are making the claim that anything I have said is misogynistic, then you either don’t actually know what the word means, or, which is always more likely in your case, you use the term incorrectly to describe any position that does not align with yours. Same goes for bigot, racist, homophobe, whatever.

The point that I made was in regards to the usefulness of the lesson. All of your social science, progressive, feminist nonsense is of no concern to me as everything you say, backed up by a degree or not will be based primarily on the opinion of you or someone who thinks just like you. I have come to not expect much insight from you or your friends.

Because the girl was directly involved in the outcome, her culpability enhances the potential lesson learned. There was no need to abduct her to get this across but in the end no harm no foul.