Anyone who uses the internet should hope that the people they meet mean them no harm, there is nothing special about women in this regard.

Our level of trust in regards to the people we encounter is a decision that we make, based on our criteria for personal interaction. No one ever expects the people they “know” to do bad things to them, that however does not mean people are not responsible for the situations they put themselves in. Nor does it mean that responsibility negates the culpability of anyone who would do you harm. Getting hurt in an accident with a drunk driver while not wearing a seat belt does not make you responsible for your injuries, but someone then saying, you might not have gotten hurt as bad if you wore a seat is also not akin to victim blaming.

Yeah, if the driver had not been drunk you would not have gotten hurt. But also, if you had been wearing a seat belt your injuries might not have been as severe.

And we already hold rapists accountable for their actions. Lot’s of laws on the books that do just that. Telling women, men or whomever to be safe is in NO way condoning the actions of a criminal. Not one bit.

Feel free to “do life” as you see fit. Just realize that having a vagina does not protect you from the aforementioned life, and you, like the rest of us are ultimately responsible for your own well being. Thinking otherwise is dangerous and foolish.