It’s not Germany and a traffic accident- you don’t have divy up the percentage of blame that goes around. Women who use the internet to meet people should have every right to assume they won’t be raped by said person in a van with two or three other people. People meet people on the internet every day, for all sorts of reasons. I have contacts on Facebook and other places I’ve never met in person, but I don’t consider them strangers. I’d love to meet several of them, maybe grab a beer at a bar even. This does not in fact make me responsible or complicit in any one of those people actually raping me. Saying women should be safe, or think about safety, is saying women have some responsibility to ensure they are not somewhere a predator will be, that women are somehow responsible or at fault for not taking enough precautions in life. Fuck that, how about you hold rapists accountable for their actions. All 100% of the blame on them! and let women get about doing life.