Pointing out that someone was careless is not necessarily “victim blaming”.

If these girls got offered a motorcycle ride, jumped on without a helmet, crashed and got hurt, regardless of how it happened and who was involved they would still bear some responsibility. Even if the person in control was doing wheelies at 80mph while the passenger screamed for dear life, the driver would not be the only one responsible for what happened. The would be directly responsible for the act(crash). But unless they forced the passenger to go along with their crazy ride, some blame does in fact fall on the victim.

And that is a lesson to be learned. One of personal responsibility. Teaching people that their actions have consequences. And their decisions are all the more important, because you can’t know who or what will be encountered at any given time.

Some lessons are presented better than others. They could have just as easily had this guy reveal himself on skype as opposed to the stupid abduction scenario. They could have had it done with the parents consent but just between him and the girl so that she would not be embarrassed publicly.

They is no real need for public disgrace of victims, but that in no way means they are not without some culpability in situations where their decisions end in sadness.