Mark: I also wondered how many tries and fails he did to get these three.

Your other two points are good too. Really, what he’s doing isn’t new. There have been TV shows that do this for ages. Dateline: To Catch A Predator is basically the exact opposite of this (actresses playing teen girls used to set up would-be pedophiles) and there’s the show “What would you do” that sets up uncomfortable situations to see how random people around react. Most recently, there was an episode where actors pretended they were drugging another actresses drink at a bar.

The difference is when you have a TV show, you have access to authorities, lawyers, psychologists, etc… you have the tools to try and make sure you’re doing no harm. Even then, I don’t know that you aren’t (especially in Scared Straight cases, as the research points to)

The problem with the advent of the internet is that Coby basically sees himself on that level. In the best case, he’s a “guy with a show trying to bring awareness.” But he doesn’t have parents or shrinks or cops or lawyers helping him. So really, in a way, he IS just like the real pedophiles using this as an excuse. Even if his heart is in the right place.