Here’s what occurred to me: how many real pedophiles will now try to envoke this senario to avoid being caught. “I was trying to scare her into not doing this, like Coby Persin?

Actually I should probably say, “how many MORE,” because I’m certain many caught predators have thought of the excuse that they were really attempting a prevention tactic. They were merely interrupted before *not going through with the rape.

My other thought was: are these the only three that Coby tried? Somehow, I doubt it. I think it would have been interesting to see if there were cases when the girl did not follow through. Would the parents boast about their daughter and their own parenting?

Third thought: (probably most outlandish) what if the girl had friends watching her back and set up for her to meet this 15 year old boy with them nearby as back-up? I’m imagining a scenario where the girl’s friend or even a brother or cousin is nearby and ready to help if it goes south. Then she screams and this friend/relative comes out guns blazing (either literally or figuratively). Imagine the chaos and harm that could cause.

As a matter of fact, in the third scenario, she’s screaming in the van. They’re in a neighborhood. Then it calms down and they talk to her. Now imagine you’re a neighbor who somehow catches a glimpse of this from outside. You see your neighbor’s daughter go out to a strange van. As she gets in she let’s out a scream and the van shakes briefly from a struggle. You grab your phone to dial 911. Or maybe you’re an open carry type citizen.

Actually, I think I just came up with some decent CSI, Criminal Minds, or Blue Bloods episode hooks… hmmmm