Well, yes… I am certainly making a generalization in order to make the post work. Obviously, MOST parents don’t actually catfish their children. Thank God…

I do think many parents, maybe even most, still think that scared straight/just say no tactics actually work, which is why programs like “DARE” and anti-smoking campaigns like “The Truth” exist at all even though pretty much all research shows that at best they are completely ineffective and at worst counterproductive and harmful. People WANT to believe that they work, because they want to believe that they’re doing something.

As for the people forwarding the video… again, I certainly can’t really say it’s MOST. But it’s certainly a lot. 13million views in 2 days is phenomenal for any youtube video. He’s being linked to by tons of news sites, and its clearly people who think he’s helping their kids because there are relative few articles complaining about him like mine do… and almost none of them talk about his other videos and make the association I’m making.

So yeah, part laziness…. but I think mostly ignorance. You and I certainly know more about how the internet works that Joe/Jane User.

But anyway… I wasn’t really saying that parents are assholes… I’m saying that teens think parents are assholes… And behavior like the three sets of parents in the video, pretty much reinforces that.