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The Maverick Tarot (in progress)

I started working on my photographic Tarot deck back in 2007… Eight years ago. The idea seemed simple, 78 different shots. Stylistically linked. Most of them I did in studio, so it shouldn’t be too hard. What was I thinking. The hard part is that the more of them I do, the harder it becomes. When I first started, pretty much any model I ran into I could just find a spot for. Now, with 68 of them done, it’s hard because I need specific “types” to fill the remainders.

So now it’s 2015, and I only have ten more to go. I’ve been trying to work on it more lately (I’ve taken lots of breaks from it over the years). But I never really got around to looking at them all in once place.

So that’s what I figured I’d do here. I’d love to know what people like and don’t like. And if you feel like volunteering, I still have ten more to go so let me know. (Fair warning, as you click through the images, some may be NSFW)

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