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Kickball 2015

Disney-FB-Logo-2015tmpSo a year ago I made a random offhand comment in a tweet that I wanted to play kickball and drink beer and who was in? It was one of those dumb random comments that I make because I’m dumb and random. Only my friend Margaret responded and after going back and forth a bit, we decided to actually do it. So we got an alcohol permit for a park and rented a pavilion, made some BBQ and really everyone had a great time (and apparently other people did too).

We think we want to do it again.

So, if we were to were throw a big drunken kickball party in Pittsburgh in June or so, who would be interested? Athletic skill not required, and in fact, actively discouraged (you can always compensate by drinking more beer).

Last year we had kickball, corn hole and frisbee… what else would be good?

Let me know if you’re interested and if a weekend in June (say 6/20 or so just to pull a date out of my ass) would work out so we can start getting a preliminary headcount.


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