Hmm. Took Spanish in junior high; a language was required. Used it fro my dissertation (a couple of the few surviving medieval St. George plays are in Spanish), and use it again now that I’m back home, though just in bits. My conversations are always in English. But NM is a bilingual state, and I can read all the signs in Spanish. Took French and Anglo-Saxon as undergraduate because of becoming a medievalist. Still can read both. Oh, too German too in there someplace and used it for my dissertation, see St. George plays as above. Oh, and the French for the diss, on account of the medieval Catalan, sort of a French and Spanish mix. Took Latin as a grad student. Can still read it. Learned Irish as a grad student just so I could read it. Still do. Never took computer languages but learned enough HTML to change the automatic settings on the blog templates. Still use it. Hmm. So what do I think. Well, I think that the human languages are useful not jus for reading and talking, but for history and thinking about how languages work. I think being able to code is useful but for different reasons. I think I’m some sort of outlier and not useful as an example. Now I want to learn Welsh and Russian. Also it bothers me that I have no Norwegian. I dunno. Shouldn’t we all know lots of languages? All my Norwegian cousins know at least three. Or four. It’s just the way things are.